The only way out of your residential or commercial plumbing system is through its drains. These fixtures are the defining link between water and sewer lines, the juncture with which newly created wastewater is expelled from the building. As such, any disturbance in your drains’ standard function, which is to provide an unobstructed outlet for dispensing, can easily result in major problems with the rest of the system.

To stress the importance of keeping current with much-needed drain maintenance and upkeep, PHD PLUMBING  would like to remind ALLISTON  residents of one very simple rule: only in rare cases is a plumbing problem isolated. Most of the time, one or more additional areas of your home or business’ plumbing system will be affected, and this is especially true for drains.

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From issues with main valves to clogged fixtures, there is no drain problem we cannot, and have not, fixed. Throughout our twodecades of providing service , phd PLUMBING technicians have resolved an untold number of drain issues IN Alliston Cookstown Tottenham and New Tecumseth. It is this experience and commitment to our craft that makes PHD Plumbing one of ALLISTON top plumbing contractors.

 the best industry technology, our staff can upgrade your old metal drains with modern, plastic replacements. These new-age fixtures are made to withstand a far greater degree of wear and tear, and thus last much longer than their conventional counterparts.

A CLOG-FREE HOME MAKES FOR A HAPPY HOMEOWNERIN Alliston Cookstown Tottenham and New Tecumseth

Clogs are a healthy drain’s worst enemy, and there is much you can do to keep the two from coming together. As with every plumbing system and fixture, preventative maintenance is the key to longevity and efficiency.

The best way to stave off grease, gunk, and grime is by continually staying ahead of the game PHD provides world-class drain cleaning and upkeep to thousands of ALLISTON  residents every year. In addition to using snakes and augers, our team employs high-end power flushing and hydro jetting technology to eliminate difficult clogs and blockages.

We also give our customers the tools and resources they need to be well informed home and business owners. Not many plumbers in Alliston  are willing to offer their tips and tricks of the trade to clients free-of-charge, but then again, PHD PLUMBING is not your average plumbing company!