For almost two decades, PHD Plumbing has been working hard to satisfy the plumbing system needs of home and business owners in Alliston Cookstown Tottenham and New Tecumseth  . Since the company started in 2000, we have had the pleasure of handling a grand scale of residential and commercial projects throughout the entire Alliston,cooktown,newmarket.

You learn a lot about your trade in 20 years, but much more about what it takes to make and keep people happy. Things like showing up to the job site prepared and on time, closely listening to a customer’s questions or concerns, and not leaving until the project is complete may seem trivial or commonplace at first. However, when you consistently stay true to your word and uphold a reputation that has been built on superior customer service, your clients begin to take notice.


Even in today’s fast-paced, technologically driven society, word of mouth spreads quickly and has a powerful impact on a brand’s standing in the community. You can have all the experience in the world and exceptionally competitive prices to match, but in the absence of stellar reviews and references, your company may as well be fighting an uphill battle.

Fortunately for current and former PHD plumbing’ customers, our firm possesses all these characteristics! We know our clients work hard for their money, and that they expect market competitive rates for the services we deliver. Therefore, along with always receiving an up-front quote that significantly rivals our competition in the Alliston , the crew at PHD plumbing also brings decades of professional plumbing expertise and an extensive track record of satisfied customers to the table. If that doesn’t deliver on the promise of exceeding expectations, we don’t know what does!


In contrast to many plumbing companies in Alliston , PHD PLUMBING has your back every hour of every day. Our firm’s popularity has been bolstered by what we refer to as our 7-7-7 service; Open daily from 7 to 7, we prefer to work outside normal business hours, and have received nothing but raving reviews from customers for this so far.

It gets better still. Over the years, we have noticed that Plumbing emergency  tend to arise at the most inconvenient of times; when you call PHD PLUMBING at 3 A.M. on a Sunday morning, we guarantee someone will be available to take the call. Your plumbing problems are not going to wait until Monday for help to arrive, so why should you?

With a history in the industry that stretches back 50  years to IRAQ where our founding father originated, PHD PLUMBING is proud to continue a tradition committed to making people’s’ lives better. We sincerely thank you for stopping by, and are eager to be your Alliston  plumber of choice. We can be reached by phone, email for your convenience.

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